So, why is it so important to have a script for your video?  Can’t we just start shooting and figure the rest out in the editing process? There are essentially many types of scripts, from computer scripts to comic scripts, and every script in between. However, video and movie scripts are obviously their own unique kind, so to avoid confusion, this is the type of script that is being discussed in this article, and the kind that is important when writing and creating your video. Movie/video scripts are also referred to as screenplays, and they are simply the written form of what you will be portraying on the screen– the movements, actions, expressions, and dialogues of all the characters in your film. There is a basic format behind writing movie scripts, and it is divided up into different sections, from what your audience will only see and hear, to setting descriptions and sound effects.

A script is very important for video production in general, because, it is ultimately a basic guideline to follow for editors, clients, and producers.  A script is full of recipes and formulas to make your movie the best it can be. However, it is particularly important for recording and editing your video. While recording your video, your script will allow you to map out how well you video is coming along, and if all the pieces are fitting together where they should. It’s important because it gives you the visual picture of how you want your video to be before the video is even made. It is also important for editing as well, because, it makes it easier to go back and make corrections, and create your video exactly how you want it to be. A script is crucial for the actors/actresses in the movie, because, it allows them to memorize their exact lines word for word, to ensure them that’s exactly how their lines should be spoken. However, it doesn’t just help them with memorizing what they’re going to say, but it helps them know the exact actions they need to take, and when to make the right eye-contact, body language, etc.   Finally, a script is extremely important for the narrators, who are reading the story to the audience. A script helps guide the narrator along so they know precisely where they are in the story, and when they need to come back in. If the narrator didn’t have the script to follow, then the audience might have a difficult time following the narration, and essentially, the story as a whole.

So, there you have it, a script is important for ultimately every part of the video production process, and a major factor to keep in mind when taking the initial steps to make your video.

What Is The Importance Of Having A Script For Your Video?