What is a Digital Image Technician? Let’s start with a little background related to how this position was created. Sometimes the hardest thing a person can do is to do is make changes. In today’s society where change is occurring so rapidly, avoiding change may not be a good habit. Let’s look at the video production industry. Working in this industry can be pretty lucrative, however as changes take place, in order to be one of the leading companies in this change must be embraced.

A video can be produced in a couple of ways. One way is by the use of tapes and the other is by the latest advance technology of digital media. One advantage of using tapes is their durability. Tapes can last for decades, and still be near perfect. Their sustainability is well-known in the throughout the industry. Now, let’s look at the disadvantages of tape use. Have you ever had a video tape, or a music tape and when it finally gets to your favorite sound, it’s distorted. That’s because the tape has been damaged. Once a tape has been damaged, it’s hard to recover it. Tapes do degrade over time. Another, disadvantage that can be quite tedious, is the amount of time it takes to search for a particular segment. Searching for certain pieces can take hours, if you have no idea where to start, it can turn out to be a painstakingly bad experience. And lastly, tapes can take up a nice amount of space. Depending on how many tapes you have, they can tape up more space than actually care to give up.

Digital media has swept through the video production industry, very quickly and for a couple of reasons. The number one reason is convenience. To search for a piece only takes a few minutes, it’s incredible. It’s the same way, when you’re using a computer and you’ve saved everything via file and each file is named. A person has to wonder, how as an industry, we ever got along without digital media. Also, digital media is extremely dependable, you can make copies within seconds and complete transfers super fast. And last but not least, digital media rarely gets damaged, regardless of time.

So, what is a Digital Image Technician? There are a lot of professions in the video production industry. One of the those professions are Digital Imaging Technicians. The role of a DIT varies. It ranges from making color corrections, file distribution, data management and much more.

Because of the enormous shift of video production companies switching to digital media, the DIT position became immensely important. DIT’s work side by side with cinematographers. They have a unique infinite amount of expertise in when it comes to technology. Monitoring exposure levels, creating look up tables and dailies etc. Digital Imaging Technicians began their applying their distinct abilities from pre-production to post production. It is the responsibility of the DIT to make sure that every element of image processing is done correctly and seamlessly.

When it comes to producing videos it’s important that everything flows beautifully. The colors need to appear natural and legitimate. And at the end of the production, who want the files to be easily accessible and in order. Digital Imaging Technicians are trained to do these very things and well worth the investment.

What Is A Digital Imaging Technician?