Video Editing Services

We pay special attention to the aesthetics of our video presentations and websites to create high quality videos and website showcases which are engaging and technically sound. Our philosophy is to support producers and directors as well as those clients who do not have or cannot afford a producer or director. We are creative with our tools and enjoy our work. Our mission is simple: create videos that inform and motivate the viewers while using the internet to deliver their messages to their audiences.
Our videos have been distributed in the US, Canada and Japan. We are particularly proud of the instructional videos created for the medical industry as well as the broadcast television How-To shows for such networks as WHYY, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and the Food Network.

Support for Small Businesses

Many small businesses simply can not afford the cost of a larger video production. The small business owner has it tough enough so we wish to help. For this reason we create videos for many small business owners which we call introduction videos.

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