Time Code is important when shooting video. Time-code is essentially metadata which is recorded with the video. Every frame in the movie has a specific time stamp on it, and this time stamp never changes. Time-code can be divided into hours, minutes, seconds, and frames.

Time-code is created within the camera, deck, or external generator and embedded in the video file.  Time Code is important when shooting video especially for multi-camera shoots where each camera has to be synchronized to a specific point in time. For a multi-camera shoot, an external time-code generator is used to create the time reference and then share that time reference with all of the recording cameras or decks simultaneously.

Because time-code does not change for any given clip, it is a great reference tool for editors, producers, directions, and others that are looking for a specific scene at a specific point in time. Often, time-code is set to the current time of day.  This serves as a reference for the Editor so he or she knows when the clips were recorded.  This way when the producer says “We shot that in the morning of the 5th”, the editor knows which clip the producer is talking about because he or she can locate a clip based on it’s time-code and creation date.

If there is a glitch in the video causing a break in the integrity of the video image, having other cameras which recorded the same time-code means locating an alternate angle from another camera is easier to find. An editor will be able to save time and fix the problem right away. They will have an idea where they should be looking at the footage on another camera and will be able to fix it without a problem.

Using the time-code is one of the basic things a person needs to know when they are shooting videos. They will learn how to count frames and will be able to find a specific scene that was shot without a problem.

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