[heading align=”left”]Did You Know Statistics Prove the Power of Video for Marketing?[/heading]

Some people just need numbers to prove the power of video for marketing. Use the “Click to View Video Tip” button above to get more information. Here is a brief sumary:.

  • The average american spent 20 hours watching online video.*
  • Visitors stayed on a site 2 minutes longer and were 64% more likely to purchase.*
  • 80% of marketers used online video. Half of marketers…saw increased clickthrough rates.*


  • 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide cited video as the type of content with the best roi.**
  • Customers are 174% more likely to purchase a product when a video accompanies it….and the video shows how that product works.*


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Based on the information we have gathered at the time of this publishing it is clear that video is the power tool for marketing. We will work with your goals for your product or service and pull together a team of producers, directors and camera operators to produce footage for me to edit into effective marketing videos. We will also take a look at the best digital location to display your video to get the most impressions possible.