The Secret of Small Business Success: A Powerful Company Website

In the 21st century, the Internet is a part of everyday life. Whether it’s for work and on a computer or out and about on the trendiest mobile devices, people spend much of their time surfing the Web. If you want your small business to flourish and reach new heights in this digital age, you need to be where everyone else is–the Internet. Here’s why you want to build a great website for your company.

More Exposure

Building a solid customer base is one of the greatest challenges of starting a small business. You don’t have the shining history or reputation that established competitors have. So how can you expect people to turn to you when they need a common product offering? Reach out with a website and make your presence known. Instead of relying on your storefront and the locals for business, expand your target market to include the global population. And to think that all you need is a simple website.

There are two major types of websites: ecommerce and portfolio. Ecommerce sites function as online shops where people can go to buy your goods. Portfolio sites showcase your products and services and are simply informational.

Better Marketing

Small businesses often have great difficulty competing with larger corporations. Part of the reason behind that is lack of branding. Big brands like Apple or Tesla have made a name for themselves by providing innovative products and excellent services over the years. Everyone knows about these mega-corporations, and people flock to them when they want the next best thing.

If you want to show up as a “blip” on the market radar, design an impressive website. Here you can list your products and services with comprehensive descriptions, stunning images, and other important details. Add video advertisements and links to social media to amplify your presence. Great content combined with great aesthetics and user-friendliness is a recipe for increased traffic and better profits. Impactful branding begins with a catchy company name and memorable logo, so make sure these aspects are flaunted on your website.

Enhanced Business Image and Reputation

With a website, you have control over how others see your company. A polished website that’s accessible and pleasing to the eye can really boost your company image. Even if you are new to your industry, you could be perceived as professional and reputable. The Web surfers who land on your page will likely spread news of their discovery to family and friends, doing the advertising for you.

Data Collection

The best way to improve your products and services is to see what your customers have to say. Feedback is essential to the growth of small businesses, so allow your customers to post product and service reviews on your website. Run online surveys through your company website if you want to obtain information, and ask specific questions that you really want answers for. The responses may very well surprise you. You’ll receive positive feedback and compliments as well as hear things that you don’t ever want to hear. All of it will help you learn and make improvements wherever necessary.

Lower Initial Costs

Don’t have a storefront for your business yet? You don’t really need one. Many of today’s start-ups are ran entirely online from home. Instead of pouring all of your earnings into the physical store, which can get quite expensive even for a smaller space, you should focus on the products, services, and marketing aspects. Invest in a good computer, internet service, and other essential electronics. Invest in quality website development software and hire an experienced designer. If you still want a storefront, that can come later after you’ve already profited big.

Stronger Customer Service

You could have the best customer service team in town, but it’s no good when your doors close for the day. During off hours, customers don’t have any way of contacting someone within the company if you only have a retail location. For some, this can be very inconvenient as going to work and other responsibilities might prevent them from being available during your open hours.

With a website, customers have the option to contact you whenever they have an inquiry. You could create a contact form on the actual website itself, or simply list or link the company email on your contact page. Many small businesses have implemented a 24-hour live chat option so that customers can get the assistance they need at any time.

Easier to Hire

Small businesses are commonly run by an individual, small group of friends, or a family. The amount of work to be done can be overwhelming for the number people involved. Putting in twelve or more hours per day is not uncommon in the early stages, and this workload only increases as you gain more customers and a higher volume of work orders. At some point, you may need to hire extra help.

With a website, you can post job listings online and receive completed applications almost instantly. It only makes sense to put your job listings where people go to find everything else about your company.

Running a business is what many people consider to be the American dream. But some individuals are too ambitious for their own good. They start out by sinking money into large commercial buildings and fancy storefronts. That’s not where your focus should be. If you value the long-term success of your small business, there’s nothing more valuable in your arsenal than a well-designed website.

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