Why are Production Assistants Vital to Video Production? The title “production assistant” dates back to those famous films that our families have known about and loved while growing up. Through the holiday films and comedy specials, a production assistant plays a huge role in making a film what it is. Although they don’t handle too much of the script writing, they do work with the actors that are hired for the movie. They communicate with different departments that are required on a film set.

To top that off, production assistants work in a specific area on stage. Sometimes, the production assistant works with the “action” part of the movie. In other words, they will tell you what sounds more dramatic if you are looking for those sounds within a movie. Production assistants set up props for each scene according to how the director of the movie wants them. The most important factor in a production assistant’s job description is the fact that they run errands for everyone that is included in the production and film departments.

So, why are production assistants vital to video production? The production assistant remains on the go until everything is completely done on the movie set. For that reason, they listen to the needs of the director and writer of the movie or film to see what needs to be carried out at a specific time. Of course, you can look for a production assistant to be gone most of the time or busy doing tasks while waiting for the next request. Therefore, they are a chief component in making a movie or film “gel” together. Quite naturally, the production assistant may have to use their own transportation. In rare cases, they may be given a company car.

Most importantly, if the director of the film is not happy with the props that are used in a scene, the production assistant may have to run to a store and purchase whatever is needed to make the scene successful. Production assistants keep up with the budget of the film and will remind the director of what the cost of an item is. After working a long day, a production assistant can be “on call” in case the director thinks of something else that is needed for the next scene. Production assistants can have different titles depending on where they are working. For example, if they are working on a television sitcom, they may have the title “commercial production assistant.”

For a bonus, production assistants can be a part of a book that is written about a film or vice versa. They can market and help with strategies to get a film’s trailer on television or on the Internet for promotions. Overall, a production assistant is needed to make a set of a documentary, movie, sitcom, or comedy tape be as affluent as the films that have already been released.

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