Kaleidoscope ABA Introduction Video

Jonathan Donley and the Field 1 Post Crew recorded Kaleidoscope ABA staff interviews as part of the Kaleidoscope ABA Launch Project. This project is being produced, directed and edited by Jonathan Donley. A link to the finished video will be available in the coming months. Additionally, David Figenshu provided Director of Photography services utilizing 2 Cameras.

Why Small Businesses Need a Website

The Secret of Small Business Success: A Powerful Company Website In the 21st century, the Internet is a part of everyday life. Whether it's for work and on a computer or out and about on the trendiest mobile devices, people spend much of their time surfing the Web. If...

Two New Websites – 2017

Two New Websites - 2017 I am happy to announce the launch of two new websites to kick off 2017. Coastal Windows & Exteriors Based on a referral from Lisa McKenna (curiousmarie.com) I reached out to Coastal Windows and Exteriors in June of 2016 to address their...

New Donations Page for Western Youth Services

Just in time for Giving Tuesday, Field 1 Post was contracted by Brandscape Atelier,LLC. to build a brand new experience for visitors interested in donating to Western Youth Services.   Western Youth Services is interested in "Advancing awareness, cultivating success...

The Events Calendar Suite of Plugins

For the front-end WordPress developer in need of an events calendar, this is the one for you. This event calendar plugin is fantastic! I have been using The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe for a few years now and it has everything I need. There is an entire Events...

Choose WPEngine

Choose WPengine and eliminate hacks, backup plugins, customer service headaches. Contact Jonathan Donley for questions and support.

Bad Habits Hurt Productivity

Do you Watch TV in Bed or Answer Emails As They Come in? Bad Habits Hurt Productivity I don't know about you, but after reading this article about how Bad Habits Hurt Productivity I found I had some really bad habits and it was a real eye-opening experience. I am a...

Brushing for Children

Brushing for Children – Dr. Blitzer explains why brushing is so important for children and when parents should start brushing their childrens’ teeth.

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I know I'm in great hands!

Using Jonathan Donley and Field 1 Post to handle my productions needs is a dream come true. The knowledge, expertise, creativity, and professionalism is what every client should get and that is what I receive on all my projects with Jonathan. For over 24 years Jonathan has worked on hundreds of my fitness dvds, commercials and websites. Whether it is editing the video content, creating graphics, authoring dvds, designing dvd covers and websites, I know I'm in great hands to get the jobs done on time.

- Greg Twombly | Producer/Director | Creative Instructors Aerobics

Your attention to detail and getting things right the first time is greatly appreciated

Cathe and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did editing and authoring our new LITE series exercise DVDs. Over the last 30 years we have produced over 300 workout videos and DVDs, but until now we always hired other production companies to do our filming, editing and authoring. With your help we were able to purchase all of the equipment that we needed to fully equip our studio so that we can now shoot all of our exercise videos in house greatly reducing our costs. As you know, our LITE workouts consisted of 8 videos and over 177 premixed workouts, making these videos some of the most complex exercise DVDs we or anyone has ever produced. Your attention to detail and getting things right the first time is greatly appreciated and has helped to make our new LITE series an overwhelming success. As always you were a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with you again.

- Chris Williams | Chief Financial Officer | Cathe dot Com

You can depend on him

Jonathan's edit skills and technical know-how are second to none. You can depend on him to complete your project correctly and creatively.

- Frank Felker | Engineering / Media Technician | WHYY TV

I would very much recommend working with Jonathan

I've worked with Jonathan for over 10 years now. He has saved me from Discovery Channel standards numerous times 🙂 I would very much recommend working with Jonathan due to his skill, speed, and value.

- Jeff Baxter | Director Of Video Production | MediaMark Spotlight

...finished on time and within our budget!

Jonathan helped me edit a video for my company that needed to be cut back to make it more focused and to the point. In working with Jonathan we were we able to achieve my goal of a more focused product that helped greatly increase our sales and I happy to say it was finished on time and within our budget! I'm happy to recommend Jonathan as a true professional in his field! View Bob Trimble's Video Testimonial.

- Bob Trimble | Wine Industry Expert | The Wine Guy, LLC

I always felt comfortable scheduling our top clients with him.

I've had the pleasure of working with Jonathan at Stewart Digital Video and have also hired him to edit one of my own video projects. While at Stewart, Jonathan consistently performed at a high level and I always felt comfortable scheduling our top clients with him. He was experienced, knowledgeable, technically saavy, professional and FAST. I knew I could schedule our most demanding clients with him and the edits would go very smoothly. Clients always requested him again and again! After leaving SDV, I chose Jonathan to edit a freelance project I produced. I knew he could handle the myriad technical issues, even though I was short on time and resources. He helped make the project even better than I had hoped it could be! He was a joy to work with and I felt like he had my best interest and the best interest of my project at heart. I highly recommend him.

- Tammy Tiehel-Stedman | Independent Entertainment Professional

He is practical, knowledgeable, and exceptionally skilled.

Delivering 80+ hours of television a year requires an unyielding attention to detail. Jonathan brought that every day to the edit. He is practical, knowledgeable, and exceptionally skilled.

- Jim Mullen | Producer/Director |Independent

He operates at the highest level of professionalism all the time...

There are very few people in this industry who understand the value of details while grasping the overall vision, and Jonathan is one of the few that does so with wit, intelligence and an unflappable surety that has always been the calm in "the eye of the storm". Jonathan assumes gentle ownership of each project under his purview and gives considerable thought to all obstacles in the path and their solution. He operates at the highest level of professionalism all the time, drilling deeply for creative and technical solutions that will deliver your message with power, style and a sophistication that slices cleanly, getting results despite today's communication clutter. Schedule him immediately. If not sooner.

-David Namerow | Writer/Director | DNA Communications

Jonathan has never let us down.

Jonathan Donley of Field 1 Post has supportedEssity (Health Care and Retail) for over 25 years. It has honestly been a pleasure working with him, especially in the technical world. In 2004 Jonathan continued his support of Essity with our web designs/updates, working closely with our European web counterparts. Jonathan has never let us down. His work is always on time and within budget! The "within budget" is something I truly appreciate. His knowledge of Essity, and our business, has proven to be invaluable while working on different projects.

-Terri Coleman | Consumer Brand Manager | TENA US, Marketing | Essity North America