Kaleidoscope Family Solutions



Objective: Kaleidoscope Family Solutions (KFS) sought to increase awareness regarding adult autism programs while serving to help the community become more mindful of adults with autism.

End result: As predicted, we saw a dramatic increase in the number of families contacting KFS.

Solution: We helped create community awareness by utilizing a professional director of photography and producer to shine a positive light on the phenomena of adult and child autism.

  • Allowing the director of KFS to deliver a description of the services they provide helped everyone gain a better understanding of how essential KFS is to the community.


Highlights/Key Points: Overall, families had a better understanding of children and adults with special needs and/or autism and how KFS regularly helps their families.


  • As in most areas, programs and resources for adults with special needs or their caretakers are scarce.
  • The director and staff were compassionate people, however most did not have previous experience with being in front of the camera.
  • Interviews with KFS clients leading productive lives in society served as powerful ambassadors for other families looking to give their loved ones the skills to navigate a normal life.
  • We were able to maintain a true authenticity by having the staff and KFD clients act as their natural selves.