Kaleidoscope ABA Therapy Services



Objective: Provide dedicated and compassionate support and resources for families raising children with autism.

Challenge: Currently, there are very limited support systems and resources for families raising children with autism. Therefore, we were tasked with explaining treatment philosophies and educating viewers on the typical family’s journey when a child is diagnosed with autism.

Solution: Before our video shoot, we gave all the participants a list of questions to review. This helped to cultivate a calmer presentation on screen.

  • Discovering new tactics that helped keep our talent feeling confident and staying focused involved techniques like ensuring the talent was talking with the director to the side of the camera rather than directly at the camera.
  • We knew that we wanted this launch video for Kaleidoscope ABA (KFSABA) Therapy Services to promote the incredible knowledge within the organization as well as the friendly center-based therapy environment in which children could thrive and create “A Colorful Beginning”.
  • By working directly with the executive director and their team, we dedicated our time to showcasing how the team worked with the children and families as well as the fact that they were launching new locations for ABA Therapy Services in both New Jersey and Massachusetts. Additionally, KFSABA is partnering with Cleveland Clinic Children’s Center for Autism.


Highlights/Key Points: Showcasing that KFSABA will be a family’s first line of support after receiving an initial diagnosis of Autism was of utmost importance for us.

  • It was absolutely critical that we generated a high level of interest and professionalism leading up to the launch of the two new centers for KFSABA in New Jersey and Massachusetts.
  • We worked with the Director of KFSABA to deliver a description of childhood autism to educate the parents and community members watching the video.
  • Through interviews, we wanted to show the KFSABA staff as the team of leaders that they are. Leaders who are compassionate and dedicated to not only the children and treating their behavioral issues, but also helping the entire family.