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How to grow your email list: 5  proven tips To Increase Subscribers
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Looking for tips on how to legitimately grow your email list and maximize on number of subscribers? Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of direct marketing there is. According to Hubspot, email generates $38 for every $1 spent, that’s roughly a 3,800% return on investment making it a widespread form of advertising. The more ways you can entice customers to subscribe to your list the better value you receive.

Maintaining an email list is inherently important as this is one of the most direct lines of communication you will have with your customer base. You’ll want to make sure that you’re taking steps to increase the total number of subscribes. Mailing list maintenance is also a key factor, it’s a good practice to go through and remove any unsubscribes so that your content is getting in front of people who actually want to engage with your brand. It’s important to always be on the lookout for ways to continuously grow your list since that will make up for lost or invalid subscribers.

Below are some easy and free tips that you can implement today that are proven to increase the number of email subscribers.

1. Segment by Audience
Ah, email list segmentation. Segmentation is the art of splitting your email list based on certain criteria. This can be anything from subscribers in a specific geographic region, people who attended a webinar or even customers who used a coupon in the past. Segmentation is a marketing technique that seeks to send relevant communications to specified and targeted audiences on a mailing list.

The process of segmentation helps from a marketing standpoint because it better classifies certain customers into categories as opposed to just one lump email list, which at times can be daunting. By utilizing segmentation processes it makes it easier for re-targeting options to keep the customer engaged later down the road.

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2. Scrub Your List
Keeping on top of your email list and removing any old or outdated subscriber data will help your campaigns substantially. Sometimes old emails on a list will come back as hard bounces, meaning the server is unable to locate that specific address. This can negatively impact your sender reputation score as large numbers of hard bounces can easily lead to being put on a black list, rendering your email campaigns null and void and into someones spam folder.

It’s always a good practice to habitually scrub your list to make sure that user information is accurate and up to date. That also includes removing any opt-out email addresses as you want to maximize on customers who want to hear your message directly!

3. Provide Gated Content
Gated content is website content that can’t be accessed until the visitor fills out a form with their personal information. Gated content is an effective marketing tactic used namely to create lead generation. Most of the time it prompts users for their name and email address making it an easy and surefire way to interact with them later on.

Once the information is collected users then have access to an landing page, an e-book, or even a blog post. This creates an ideal interaction for both parties, the user is gaining access to valuable content while the business entity given prospect information. This opt-in model also eliminates the need for cold leads since the user is willingly providing their information.

4. Host a Webinar
Webinars are a great form of engagement marketing and they’re fairly low maintenance to put together. There are a ton of platforms where you can host webinars for free such as Youtube, Zoom or Facebook on any particular topic. Webinars are known to have good conversion rates making them an ideal tactic for obtaining subscribers. The great part is, you get to present on a topic of your choice in your industry, something that other people want to learn more about. It’s almost like an information session exchange, you provide a platform to share content with others and in exchange they want to learn more about your product or brand.

5. Offer a Custom Coupon
This typically works best if you’re selling a service or navigating an E-commerce site. Customers love to receive customized emails and a coupon is a great way to entice them to spend more. You could offer a coupon or a free trial in exchange for a customer providing their email address.