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How to build an authentic audience on social media
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Displaying a strong social media presence is the cornerstone for many brands. In order to have a presence on social media you need to have an authentic audience. What do I mean by authentic audience specifically? An authentic audience is a display of followers or consumers who genuinely resonate with your content and choose to follow your brand based on your postings. Certain messages are curated to appeal to specific target markets. However, getting started trying to establish a base of followers sometimes proves to be a daunting and difficult task.

Don’t worry! In this posting we will break down sure tips that will help grow your audience on all major social networks. The key to this is time and patience, growing an audience certainly does not happen overnight. With our tips we will guide you through the process to building an engaged and active audience.

Plan Ahead

What good is social media content without a well thought out and constructed strategy? Aimlessly posting content with the hope of engaging visitors does no one any good. First, develop a strategy that is specifically catered to your target audience. Write down your strategy, this will help fine-tune any kinks or eliminate any questions you may have.

Develop Target Audience

Ah, the age old question of who is your target audience? This step is paramount, because once you determine target audience that will give you a better idea on how to reach them. Once you fine tune your target audience you should be able to answer the following questions.

What age range are you specifically trying to target? When creating social media content you have to keep in mind the audience your trying to relate to, age demographic plays a pivotal role in what type of copy and imagery is implemented. Language, relevant hashtags and imagery mean different things to different people.

What social channel is your target audience most likely to frequent? Linkedin? Facebook? Instagram? Depending on audience, each social channel caters to different types of people. You have business professionals, students, small business owners etc

Is there a specific time that your target audience likes to be online? Digital behavior is dictated by so many factors. If your prime audience is working adults, you’ll want to target times when they’re likely online and in the office. If your primary audience is teenagers, you’ll want to target times when they’re not likely to be in school so you can maximize on viewership.

Develop Achievable Goals for your Social Media Channels

Staying on top of your progress means setting achievable short term goals. Being able to effectively measure what is/isn’t working in your campaigns serves as a nice review point to implement in future campaigns. If you’re goals aren’t being met, this allows you the chance to think of strategies that will ramp up your efforts. If you happen to notice a traffic spike, you can always go back and refer to what content led to that specific increase.

How to Increase Facebook Followers

Facebook is a great avenue for organic likes but getting traction to start can be tricky. Everyone wants to attract more likes or followers to their business page. The following strategies can greatly help increase that audience.

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Post good content
This may seem like a no brainer but people on Facebook are constantly inundated by business ads, posts from family and friends as well as every other connection under the sun. So be weary of what kind of content you decide to display, does it add any particular value to your audience? Facebook is a great platform for shares, in order to grow your audience base you need people to share content.

Try Facebook Ads
Facebook ads are a great lead generation tool because they’re very versatile and they collect data on specific users such as demographic, age, interests and hobbies etc. This is great because it allows you to directly cater your ad campaign message to that specific audience. Facebook ads come in the following formats which can easily be customized depending on audience type: video, image, carousel and collection.

Give your organic reach a boost
Some people don’t like paying for ads, that’s okay there are other ways to organically increase the numbers of likes and follows.

Facebook is a community for discussions, actively joining industry related groups or holding Facebook live Q&A sessions will help lend credence to your brand as an industry professional and go-to for knowledge in your field.

How to Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram has one of the highest engagement rates imaginable of any social network which makes it an ideal place for advertising purposes. The following are tips that will help increase traffic to your instagram channel.

Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags!
Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to increase visibility but knowing which hashtags to use for relevancy is a whole other ball game. Having a knowledge of which industry specific hashtags are trending and incorporating those into your posts will help use them more strategically.

Utilize Influencers and Cross-Channel Promotion
Instagram is a great platform for teaming with thought leaders and influencers. If you’re looking to spread awareness about a product try making a post featuring a thought leader, make sure to include their custom instagram handle. Not only are you promoting your product but their followers are likely to follow you as well.


LinkedIn is primarily the Facebook for business professionals. The social network boosts a traffic volume of approximately 250 million monthly active users, making it a prime avenue for garnering traction on social media.

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Join LinkedIn Groups
Like Facebook, LinkedIn is also highly community focused, it’s all about networking for business professionals. By joining groups and partaking in industry trending topics and posting content that is relevant you establish yourself as a thought leader, which makes people opt to want to view your content more. People love engagement and if you’re an industry leader with a solution to a specific problem then utilizing groups and sharing that knowledge will definitely add to your overall audience.

Launch a Follower Ad Campaign
LinkedIn provides powerful paid advertising capabilities, people love to follow content that is trending and popular. If you’re looking to increase page followers you can try launching a dynamic ad campaign utilizing the follower ad format. LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager allows for highly specific targeting capabilities, you can target by factors such as industry, job title, and demographic information.

Add a LinkedIn Follow Button
Cross-channel promotion is one of the easiest ways to boost followers. You can add a LinkedIn follow button to your company website, your email signature, or even a company page link to your personal LinkedIn Profile page. If you’re corresponding with someone via email, there’s 

 a good chance they’re interested in your company which makes it easy to request a follow. Same goes for your company website, you can easily turn website visitors into LinkedIn page followers by including a short message with a call to action.