Hootsuite: Social Media Made Easy

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hootsuite: social media made easy
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Any social media manager will tell you, the job isn’t always easy. Social media management for corporations requires a significant amount of pre-planning. Ensuring that all significant social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, have fresh, curated content is challenging. Companies also want to track metrics, respond to customers, and implement approval workflows. All of this becomes tricky to track manually for time management sake. Fortunately, some smart developers created an online platform called Hootsuite.


Created in 2008, Hootsuite has been making social media easy for 12 years now. It handles scheduling posts, providing analytics, promoting well-performing posts, and curating content. It works with all major social media platforms, but it also integrates with offerings from other major companies, including Google and Adobe.


Hootsuite is a valuable tool coveted by social media managers. The following are five key reasons for why Hootsuite is beneficial for businesses, big and small.

Enable Team Structure
Social media is a tricky job. If one problematic post goes viral, that post could jeopardize the entire company. Most companies have a social media workflow, where  employees vet posts, responses, and other communications. Hootsuite makes this easy by managing social credentials and access, enabling private communication between team members, and providing a secure method for delegating tasks. These features make Hootsuite perfect for companies with employees working remotely or working from home.

Post Across Multiple Channels
Most companies cross-post content. Essentially, this concept means that your marketing team will post the same (or similar) content across multiple social media channels, like Twitter and Facebook. Since each platform has nuances (like Twitter’s character limit, for example), sometimes, this content cannot be entirely the same. How is Hootsuite beneficial in this regard? It handles the posting across each channel for you, including scheduling and analytics!

Compatible With Multiple Platforms
One of the significant selling factors of Hootsuite is that it works across multiple social media platforms. That mantra holds when it comes to operating systems and devices. The Hootsuite platform runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can also download the Hootsuite app for iPhone and Android devices. With these tools, social media managers can manage their company’s content on desktops, laptops, and phones.

Single Place To Manage Accounts
The volume of responses that companies receive to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts can be staggering. Having to check each account manually proves to be quite a challenge. One of Hootsuites many benefits is it enables you to check all social media accounts in one place. You can see all interactions with your posts from one spot without having to log in to multiple websites and remember multiple credentials.

Hootlet Plugin
Hootsuite contains a simple but incredibly smart web browser plugin that lets you share content easily. If you find a page you want to share, you can click on the Hootlet button, and it will automatically generate an ow.ly link and generate a snippet for posting to all social media accounts. It makes sharing content a breeze.

3 Features Of Hootsuite That You Need To Know

Hootsuite has many features that make managing social media significantly easier. One of the most delightful aspects of Hootsuite is that the developers designed it with real managers in mind. As such, the collection of tools works well to curate, manage, and analyze content across all major platforms, which saves social media managers hours. There are three features, in particular, that you should know.

Hootsuite Publisher
The time of day matters significantly for social media posts. Hootsuite did a study on the best time to publish content, and they found that the best time was between 9 am-12 pm Monday-Friday, regardless of if the tweet targeted B2C or B2B.

With Hootsuite Publisher, you can use an intuitive calendar interface to schedule your posts on multiple platforms on specific dates and times. You can set your content to go live when your users are most likely to see it. You can also queue content up to months in advance, so if your social media manager goes on vacation, Hootsuite will make it look like business as usual!


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Activity Streams
Every social media manager needs to interact with customers and the general public online. Your company will get mentioned, liked, and messaged on every platform, and the activity stream acts like a news feed to show these events in real-time. Instead of the social media manager needing to monitor three different sites at once, they can view the combined list and respond on each channel from one unified interface. It’s a great reason as to why to use Hootsuite.

Hootsuite Analytics
Every social media manager and company wants to measure the efficacy of their social media presence. Fundamentally, they want to know if social media is helping promote the business. Getting likes, mentions, follows, clicks, and other engagements mean that your social media presence is doing well.

Hootsuite lets you track these metrics easily and intuitively. Furthermore, it enables you to break down these reports across platforms so you can see how each account is doing.

It also exports this data to a PDF and in the Microsoft PowerPoint format. These export options make it easy for social media managers to provide reports and presentations to higher-ups regarding the company’s presence online.

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How Is Hootsuite Beneficial? It Works, And Works Well

When you see all the features that Hootsuite has, the benefits of Hootsuite become self-evident – it is truly the best platform for managing, curating, analyzing, and posting content. Social media managers have come to rely on Hootsuite for streamlining complex processes and enabling the entire corporate entity to have a quality presence on social media at all times. Using Hootsuite is safe, secure, and has a significantly smaller chance of mishap than managing all accounts separately.

With all these features, it’s no wonder that over 18+ million subscribers trust Hootsuite worldwide! Since its launch in 2008, it has become the de facto standard for efficient, robust social media management.