Haverford Township Day 2015

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Donʼt forget to mark your calendars for the 21st Annual Haverford Township Day taking place Saturday October 3rd, 2015. Bring the family out for a day full of crafts and fall fun. Every year many families line up to attend this premiere event to enjoy various selections such as food, live music, parade, and lots of vendors. This year the festival will be featuring a number of new artists, potters, and photographers from all over the tri-state area, coming to display their coveted works. The parade kicks off at 10:30 am from the Manoa Shopping Center, and proceeds down Darby and Eagle roads. This yearʼs theme is called “Celebrating our Music” and will be featuring live performances from 12:30 until 3:45 on both the Brookline Blvd. Stage and Skatium Stage, showcasing the likes of Chicoʼs Vibe, HHS Orchestra, Janine Kelly, and Road Kings.

Aside from live entertainment, there will also be childrenʼs rides, ice hockey, skating, childrenʼs face painting, and even a zip line featured for the first time ever.

The festival first started in 1995, when a group of Haverford residents thought itʼd be a great way to celebrate and thus approached the parks and recreation division of the township. Over the years, the festival aimed to celebrate home town pride, Havorfordʼs thriving music scene, and as an advertising platform for non profits and local organizations. In itʼs first year, the festival generated almost 10,000 people, a number that has since doubled.

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