Google Ads How Can They Help Your Business


Google Ads

Google Ads: How Can They Help Your Business?
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Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, is a digital advertising strategy created by Google for anyone to promote goods and services. With Google Ads you can pay to advertise your products or services on the platform- this includes service providing, product listings, and video content. In addition, it is also possible to generate mobile application installs within the Google Ads network to web users.

Using Google Ads allows you to use text and images to reach a highly specific audience. If a person searches words similar to your products, your advertisements will come up in the search engine. There are two types of search: organic search and paid search. Organic search is a non-paid search that appears naturally on the Google search engine. Organic search appears based on the specific words found in the content of your website. In contrast, paid search results that appear for a target audience are Google Ads.

Larger audiences are reached with Google Ads as it helps to create online advertisements to reach a high number of people who could have an interest in your products or services. Besides advertising your goods and services, you can use this marketing strategy to sponsor your business, sell more products, increase your brand awareness and increase traffic to your website.


Fosters wider reach.

Billions of people all over the world make use of Google to search for answers, reviews on products, research companies, and even look for people. In your case, some would also be searching for solutions that your company may provide. Imagine you run a professional recruiting agency. Your goal is for job seekers looking online to easily find your business. With a properly set up Google Ad, you can reach your target customers. By making it easy for your customers, they would be willing to refer your business to others.

Increases leads and conversions.

Google Ads allows you to streamline your advertisement solely towards people who are searching for your goods and services. It means that you can consistently customize your ad to your target network. For example, if you are a wholesale supplier of raw materials. Your target audience would be other businesses that would require raw materials to create their product.  Using this strategy, the procurement department of manufacturing and automobile plants can easily find your business. It permits you to advertise to people who are searching for your products or services in precise detail.

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Google Ads is pocket-friendly.

You might be thinking this kind of advertisement would be expensive, but luckily there are options. You can determine your budget which is largely dependent on the number of keywords you want. The interesting thing about this advertisement is that it is pay per click. You will only be charged if someone clicks on your advertisement.

It creates brand awareness.

Google Ads is an excellent tool for building brand awareness. Ads allow your products and services to be visible to everyone interested, even if they are not buying yet. Your target customers can see your brand, what you do and, the services you offer. Google Ads give you the benefit to display your business to more people, which would carve a niche for the brand.

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Having mentioned the benefits of Google Ads, it is important to explain how is they’re set up.

  • Sign up for Google Ads with your Google account.
  • Control your budget. As mentioned earlier, you can determine the amount of money you want to spend on the advertisement.
  • Indicate your target audience. In selecting your target audience, you can state the location of your audience.
  • Select a Network. You get to choose between Google’s Search Network and Display Network. The first search network displays your products and services on Search Engine Result Pages, while the latter will showcase your advertisement on every website that allows ads.
  • Specify your Keywords. Keywords are terms or phrases used in the Google search engine. You have to choose keywords that are similar to your products and services.
  • Fix your Bid. A bid is an amount you will pay for every click on your advertisement.
  • Construct your Advertisement. Make your advertisement short, appealing, and precise.
  • Generate your Ad


Google Ads is Quantifiable.

Google Ads is very important to your business because it allows you to measure your data. Unlike traditional advertising, Google Ads Pay-Per-Click is more measurable compared to other online modes of advertising. It is more transparent in terms of providing loads of Pay-Per-Click metrics such as the total number of clicks, quality score, number of search impressions, bounce rate, and account activity that let you to see if your advertisement is a success or not.

Google Ads works faster than Search Engine Optimization.

Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization are online marketing strategies used to generate more traffic and leads to websites. Google Ads is more immediate than SEO because you can make use of multiple keywords at once, and your website is at a great advantage to gain traffic and leads promptly. In contrast, SEO results are solely depended on the amount of time and effort you put in.

Google Ads is Customizable.

There are loads of options on Google Ads that permits you to tailor your promotions to your satisfaction.  You can define your specific keywords that are consistent with the services you provide. One option is Ad extensions, which allows you to provide your phone number, product images, and the geographical location of your business.  Additionally, it is so flexible that it allows you to hone your advertisement to a specific audience by location, time, language and other options. As a result, you also have the choice to promote your products and services to billions of potential customers worldwide.