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digital marketing do’s and don’ts: a beginner’s guide
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The digital marketing realm is changing at rapid speed and with these changes it’s best to keep breast of specific guidelines. In order to be successful, it’s good practice to keep yourself in the loop of which practices to implement that will accentuate your marketing plans.

Change is inevitable. In the marketing world that means you need to always be on your toes as 2020 has presented some challenging roadblocks. It is recommended to go back and re-evaluate each component of your marketing strategy. These components may include – social media, SEO, email marketing and paid digital advertising.


Digital Marketing “Dos” for 2020:

1. Have a Mobile-First Approach
Nowadays most users are likely to view content with their mobile phone devices instead of tablet and desktop. Google has recently implemented it’s mobile first index for search engines which is used to determine overall website ranking. This means that the mobile version of the content will be prioritized, where as previously, indexing was performed with the desktop version of a webpage. When designing and implementing campaigns, it is recommended to create for a mobile-friendly design first as this will reduce the workload me as well as heavily influence major design decisions.

2. Invest in Paid Advertising
Now is the time more than ever to invest in paid advertising campaigns. As of recently, more and more people are spending time online. This presents a great opportunity to re-evaluate your current digital campaign efforts and determine which ones are resonating the most. Which campaigns have the highest reach or the most clicks? From there you can shift your advertising budget to focus on those type of campaigns.

Many marketers are currently offering discounts in the form of discounted food delivery and coupon code to major e-commerce retailers in order to bring in a wider audience. Some brands are investing more heavily in PPC traffic as well as social media marketing.

3. Ask for Help is Needed
You don’t have to have the answers to everything. The ability to admit when you need help is probably one of the hardest. This is why marketing is often times a collaborative team effort as digital marketing is not always an easy task. Knowing where your weakness lie and asking for help from a professional will dramatically increase your chances of success.

Marketing is an ever-changing medium, sometimes marketing strategies change within the drop of a hat due to unforeseen circumstances out of our control. The ability to be adaptable as well as communicate any setbacks are huge for marketing strategists.

4.Utilize Video
Video is easily one of the most captivating marketing funnels available. Consumers love watching, sharing and interacting with video as it significantly boosts user-engagement. Video has also proven to be a great return on investment making it more likely for customers to want to convert.

Video is highly versatile, you can embed it on a landing page, share it in an email blast, or upload weekly to you company YouTube channel, the sky is the limit. Once the content is created it can be utilized across various channels which also helps curb marketing costs in terms of content creation.

5. Have a Blog
Blogging is a great method in order to generate traffic to your website. Having a blog is great because it gives you the opportunity to show off your expertise and improves your SEO. Blogs can be easily utilized as a marketing tool in the sense that it allows you to see first-hand what content topics are popular among viewers based on pageviews.

Digital Marketing “Dont’s” for 2020:

1. Don’t Sacrifice Quality over Quantity
When creating content, quality is a huge factor to success. No one wants to see a ton of content that is neither relevant or informative to your target demographics. Consistency is important to remember but bombarding your primary audience with “filler” does no favors for your brand image and will turn people away.

In order to avoid this, focus on creating thoughtful, authentic and original content that you feel your audience would want to see. Good content always strives to be engaging, informative and relatable. You want your audience to anticipate your posts.

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2, Don’t solely focus on Text
We live in a picture world, audiences love vivid imagery as well as audio and video. Make sure your marketing campaign doesn’t focus solely on text content, text content is wonderful and has it’s uses but audience seek to be inspired. Adding video and images to your content creatives inspires a more cohesive message, that and audiences are more likely to remember your brand.

3. Don’t Ignore Web Accessibility
People with disabilities encompass roughly 18% of the US population, keeping web accessibility in mind will benefit you greatly in terms of marketing. Websites are designed with idea of establishing an easy sense of user-functionality for all people, you want your web presence to be accessible to everyone.

Website accessibility guidelines are put in place bearing in mind the challenges that are faced by people with disabilities. Color contract, alt image text and font size are all examples of website components that can be altered to increase functionality. In order to adjust your site, it’s best to start with a website compliance audit.

4. Stop cold Calling
When creating campaigns you want to utilize campaigns that are segmented and personalized. Throwing content out in the open with no research in the hopes of gaining viable customers never works. Instead it just wastes valuable time and resources. Sales outreach needs to be curated based on your customer profile and actions your customer has already taken.

Nowadays everyone uses the web to do research on new products, customers ultimately want products that add value. This presents a good opportunity to market based on user behavior and searches.


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5. Don’t come across as Inauthentic
Authenticity and genuity are key in building meaningful relationships with customers. In order to establish a solid customer base you first need to have a relationship first. Authenticity helps build trust which in turn can generate more sales since customers know you, your brand and your values.

Having a consistent brand image will further help solidify trust. You want to be consistent in your overall look and messaging as well as content you decide to post.