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Delta-T Group Recruitment Video

Objective: Our client, Delta-T Group contacted us to help encourage skilled behavioral healthcare professionals to apply for a position in the company.

Challenge: Delta-T Group struggled with attracting skilled candidates to help project a knowledgeable and friendly company image.

Solution: Create insightful video interviews of key leaders working within Delta-T Group. In addition, we prepared the interviewees by providing a set of interview questions prior to the interview.

  • Overall, this served to help both Delta-T Group and the Interviewees stay confident and prepared in front of the camera. We also shared rough cuts and transcripts with the client to help facilitate their in-house marketing meetings.


End result: Influenced a large increase in the number of health care professionals and providers registering for opportunities with Delta-T Group.

Highlights/Key Points: With dedicated services, recruitment directors and staffing coordinators, Delta-T Group was able to acquire passionate contractors who love what they do and believe in the Delta-T message.