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Why should you choose WPEngine? In the last few months I have decided to choose to migrate most of my WordPress sites to WPEngine.  Several clients have argued that they get cheaper hosting at other providers and they are right..well sort of right. The fee is less, but the benefits are also less.  I have worked with all of the most common hosting companies and have been building sites for about 10 years now.  I have never seen anything like WPEngine. I attend a local meetup for WordPress developers and they all use WPEngine, hands down!

Consider these points:

  • Without WPEngine you will need a backup solution which enables you to restore individual files or the entire site and you will also need some kind of security plugin.  You will pay for those annually. Many hosting providers offer similar solutions at a higher price compared to their basic package.
  • Every time I click on the support chat I am connected withing 5 seconds to a rep.  EVERY TIME!
  • WP Engine becomes part of your site. There is a WPEngine icon on your dashboard which connects you directly to your account on WP Engine
  • You get a Live and Staging instance with the basic account and you can switch from Live to Stage instances with a couple clicks so you can practice on staging before updating live.  You can also do all of your updates on Staging and then push the whole site or just parts of the site to live.
  • You will get warnings from WPEngine if you try to remove a plugin or do an update. WPEngine will allow you to make a checkpoint backup. This way if something goes wrong with a plugin you can roll back to the point in time just before you made your change. Try that anywhere else!
  • No more dealing with client billing issues.  This one was Huge for me!  I got tired of setting up sites then transferring the billing to the client by hand. You can either setup a new install as a transferable install and transfer the install to your client for payment when the site launches or you can have the client click here and signup on their own, then send you the credentials so you can manage the install until the client no longer needs your services.
  • WPEngine is only $29/month and backups, Instant chat and phone support and security monitoring are included.

There is one downside. WPEngine only works with WordPress installs which means they are experts in WordPress and all of the ins and outs of installing and maintaining a site.  Sorry, that was deceptive of me…I guess it is not a downside after all.

If you think you can do all of that with your current provider, then stay where you are. If you want a much more user friendly experience with your site and support for anybody from the developer up to the Office Assistant then I urge you to click the link below.  By the way, there is a discount of 2 months free if you sign up for a year and another 20% off on your first month with the coupon code SUMMERSAVINGS (until 8/31/2016)
Save 20% off your first payment with WP Engine. Use coupon code SUMMERSAVINGS. Expires 8/31/2016.

Maybe you are reading this and need help setting up a site or migrating your site to another service.  You didn’t think this post was without promotional value did you?  Contact me here for a bid and assistance with your WordPress questions.

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