Personal Trainer and Entrepreneur



Objective: To assist in launching a professional marketing campaign which featured a powerful workout video series entitled “Lite Series“.

Challenge: This client specifically requested several camera angles in the final video. In total, there were 4 recording devices synchronized to the same time frame. To achieve the level of quality desired, the microphone and workout music had to be recorded independently of the cameras.  This meant a great deal of synchronization processing both in the studio and in the editing suite.

Solution: Field 1 Post was hired to consult on the equipment configuration for both the studio as well as the editing suite as well as configuring a viable editing system.

  • The process included on-site consulting as well as editing and finally authoring of the DVD’s.
  • Working with’s graphics artist, we coordinated and implemented DVD Menus and video graphics.
  • The Lite Series videos were so successful that has chosen Field 1 Post as their Post-Production Vendor for the next entitled “Step Boss”.