Personal Trainer and Entrepreneur




Cathe Friedrich is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer and entrepreneur. Field 1 Post was hired to consult on the equipment configuration for her video production studio as well as configuring their post-production editing system. Jonathan Donley of Field 1 Post was hired to work on site creating the Lite Series videos. The process included consulting on the Shoot as well as editing the videos and finally authoring the DVD’s. The footage was recorded on 3 cameras as well as a program feed. This meant that all 4 recording devices had to be synchronized to the same time frame. The Microphone and Music for the workout had to be recorded independently and the Music had to be heard in the studio but not on the microphone. Once in the Edit Bay, everything had to be synchronized and put together in a logical and professional manner. Finally, all of the sections of the video had to be identified for the DVD Authoring process. Working with Cathe’s graphics artist, DVD Menus and video artwork was coordinated. This was a huge project but very common work for the Field 1 Post Team. Field 1 Post is currently working on the Step Boss series with Cathe.