Bad Habits Hurt Productivity - Sleepless Woman for the Article on Bad Habits Post - Field 1 Post, LLC (F1P)Do you Watch TV in Bed or Answer Emails As They Come in?
Bad Habits Hurt Productivity

I don’t know about you, but after reading this article about how Bad Habits Hurt Productivity I found I had some really bad habits and it was a real eye-opening experience. I am a perfectionist who schedules meetings throughout the day and responds to emails as they arrive. I always watch TV at night and like most of us enjoy hitting the snooze button.  These are just 3 habits I have to work on according to this article by Dr Travis Bradberry.

I had always worked best in a video editing suite where I came in to work with a predetermined set of tasks to complete. There were no interruptions because the client was sitting right behind me and there was a team of coordinators, graphics artists, audio engineers, producers and directors who were sharing my work load and minimizing distrations. I had to stay focused on editing the video. If I took a call or stopped to check my email or stepped away for anything other than a bathroom break they would complain to management that they were not going to pay for the time I was distracted. I guess I should have installed a porta-potty in my editing chair!  Well it wasn’t that bad actually, but I did stay focused on creating videos for several hours at a time because I did not have many distractions.

When I started Field 1 Post in 2007 I was busy attending meetings on the phone and in person, constantly checking emails to make sure everybody was happy, editing videos, building websites and generally multitasking like crazy to keep the cash flow consistent.  At the end of the day I wanted to go to bed and watch my favorite show.  Usually this meant a couple hours of Star Trek or Cheers or reruns of Gilligan’s Island (really dating myself) while I was in bed.  I truly thought I had my bad habits licked as was rewarding myself.  I guess not! As it turns out perfectionism, meetings, responfing to e-mails as they arrive, watching TV in bed are just a few of the bad habits I still need to break.  Read More.