Field 1 Post is a digital content creation and management company focused on websites and videos.  We offer professional quality digital video recording, editing and delivery services as well as website design and administrative services.


Video Production

Supporting producers and directors by creating videos that inform and motivate viewers.

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Website Design

Clean, modern website designs for our clients on a platform that is easy to operate.

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Digital Delivery Services

Our Digital Delivery Services include the internet, thumb drives, DVD’s and blue-ray disks to stay competitive with the ever changing digital landscape.

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Corporate Video

Working with corporations to meet the increasing demand for online video.

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Small Business Video Projects

Creating videos to introduce small businesses to the world and promote their products/services.

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Website Design Projects

Clean, modern website designs developed on a platform that is flexible and easy to use.

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Twilight Zone Actors: Veronica Cartwright

Veronica Cartwright appeared in The Twilight Zone.  English-born American actress Veronica Cartwright, older sister of the popular child actress...

Twilight Zone Actors: Ron Howard

Over the past five decades, Ron Howard has earned fame for a number of different things. On television, fans of The Andy Griffith Show remember him...

Twilight Zone Actors: Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy was an American actor, singer-songwriter, author, and director who was (and continues to be) most widely known for playing the...

Kaleidoscope ABA Introduction Video

Jonathan Donley and the Field 1 Post Crew recorded Kaleidoscope ABA staff interviews as part of the Kaleidoscope ABA Launch Project. This project...